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Birthed during a global pandemic.

A micro festival with onsite rapid testing for the virus, COVID-19...a reality like no other.

Boundaries of safety set for true social interaction after months of isolation.

Magic ensued...

Morning yoga.

Plant medicine presentations.

Daytime lake parties.

Cookoffs and cocktails.

Meditation and breathwork workshops.

The glory of clean mountain air and limitless views.

Sound baths.

A cacao ceremony that defied explanation.

Astronomical majesty with Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the Moon all vividly on display.

Hiking and a return to Mother Nature.

Nighttime bonfires.

Collaborative artwork.

Endless music with live DJ sets and transcendent instrumental performances.

Dance parties.

Meaningful and true human connection, with deep friendships formed.

Nonstop belly laughs.

Selfless giving and loss of ego.

An indescribable abundance of gratitude and thanks.

And the absolute beauty of like-minded people being together, as one, again. 

Wooden Hut

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