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ACROSTIC Underground was conceived following the successful first annual, by-invitation-only event, XANADU.  An idea hatched by Dr. Matt Welebir in the midst of self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic that changed the world as we knew it, the concept took more and more shape, ultimately culminating in a protected and safe gathering (with onsite rapid COVID testing).  Centered on wellness, yoga, meditation, breathwork, deep social interactions and connectivity, open-mindedness, and celebration, XANADU brought together a conscious tribe of beautiful people under an open mountain sky to reconnect with ourselves and each other, while renewing our shared faith in humanity with respect to its impact on this earth. 

From this beginning, ACROSTIC Underground moves into a changed post-pandemic world, which threw a glaring spotlight on the importance of small group interaction and cultivation of meaningful relationships.  With continued production of curated, highly specific and special events for groups that understand there is far more to this life than just our day-to-day, ACROSTIC Underground encompasses the fine arts, live music, and the mind-body connection...with illuminating lectures rooted in science and philosophy and likely a sunrise dance party, all within the space of an otherworldly atmosphere.  



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Matt and Payvand Welebir, an implant dentist and clinical pharmacist (respectively) renewed their wedding vows on the Burning Man Playa under the Tree of Tenere in 2017, a time and place very special to them both.  Despite full-time practice, while raising their two young sons, they felt a calling for a return to their creative roots that only intensified during their early pandemic quarantine, as Burning Man, along with the rest of the world's events, were unilaterally cancelled.  XANADU and ACROSTIC Underground manifested itself from a husband and wife team with its inherent checks and balances, collaborating as partners to create something entirely new, something real, something that are intended to not easily be forgotten. 

Family, its structure and its foundational core, forms the ethos of all ACROSTIC Underground events, where once onsite, you are part of our tribe, our clan, our extended family.  A heartfelt welcome and hug to each of you!

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